Clever Stretching  -  private online coaching and individual training plans!

Do you wanna reach your splits or advance your backbending?



I'm glad to help!
I'm a certified stretching and circus coach and my techniques are strongly based on anatomy. Prepare for a safe, very effective and exhausting stretching session full of active stretching exercises!

You'll learn which muscles you need to stretch and which muscles to strengthen in your desired poses, which body parts to engage and how to stretch better than ever before! I'll also analyse your posture and restrictions of the nerves, fascia and muscles.


Among my students are also various yoga and poledance teachers with the intention to learn clever stretching!


I offer private skype sessions and packages with individualized illustrated training plans. You just need to be in a well lit space with a computer, a strong internet connection, Skype, a microphone and a web cam. Contact me below!






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