10 Juni 2020
I had a hamstring injury years ago and it's still causing trouble. Doctors were pretty helpless, since they're used to rather unflexible folks who don't do splits and extreme front bends - so I had to search for help somewhere else and ... I found ways to cure it! If you suffered a similar injury, maybe you can find some hints here!

29 November 2019
Do you need some flexibility for sports, dance or aerial arts? You need to stretch the hip flexors. Do you want to get flat splits or a nice backbend? You need to stretch the hip flexors. Do you do no sports at all but wanna avoid back pain? Again, you need to stretch the hip flexors ;-) Find out, why and how!

30 Oktober 2019
Why did I start to stretch? How many years did it take me to get flat splits and which methods worked best? Today I can do front splits, bridges, chest stands and I'm coaching stretching in many different formats - but the way to flexibility was long and tough. As an adult beginner with no genetic predisposition to flexibility, it was not easy at all!